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like, i guess this isnt even a particularly “”“adult”“” blog but theres something very unnerving about clicking through to a new follower and seeing “age: 14” on the sidebar. i feel like a chaperon at a highschool dance. leave some room for jesus

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days like this

by matialonsor

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some slightly annoying things i am seeing today

pretty certain i’m moving to melbourne when i get back to australia

that was unexpected

life is weird 


doctors: why are all your bones broken
me: totally gnarly kick flip
doctors: fucking savage bro

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i’ve been having nightmares every single night for around 2 months straight now and it’s reallllllly irking the shit out of me?? waking up 10 times a night covered in sweat and freaking out is lame as hell 


Roberto Cavalli spring 2015 rtw details

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Supernatural 10x01 Sneak Peek - Black

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the justdabrudders “trufans” are like the fox news of the supernatural fanbase

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