Michael beating Lucifer’s ass

Dumb girl goes 2 Paris

marseille is basically north africa

is this a good thing or a bad thing 

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you can run to the end of the earth but your broken head will follow you everywhere

It’s messing people up, this social pressure to “Find your passion” and “Know what it is you want to do”. It’s perfectly fine to just live your moments fully, and marvel as many small and large passions, many small and large purposes enter and leave your life. For many people there is no realization, no bliss to follow, no discovery of your life’s purpose. This isn’t sad, it’s just the way things are. Stop trying to find the forest and just enjoy the trees.

Sally Coulter 

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  • me: wait, but do I really need a relationship when I live vicariously through dean and cas?

tonight is my last night in paris. tomorrow i head down to marseille for a couple of days, then across to nice. after that i head to italy. should be lovely 


My Never-Ending List Of Favorite Bands
05. Bright Eyes

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