'Things people have said about me/Things people have said to me'

Stitched paper


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How Misha would like to see Supernatural end.


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I’ve spent all day drinking shitty coffee and reading house of leaves and i think my brain is falling out 

i reeeeeeeally wish i was good at guitar 

it would make writing way easier 


kasia jujeczka by pawel widurski.

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I mean they may have been having a bad day but I walked away super dissapointed ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

yeah it’s always a huge bummer when a band you like don’t meet your expectations :( I’ll be checking them out anyway and hopefully they’re better at this one! 

I saw them last year and they are probably the sloppiest/worst international band I’ve ever seen live

well that’s a downer! 


Philip Yarnell

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Anonymous asked: Hii , just wondering , how did you get to be accepted in college in england :)? And good look

it’s a student exchange! basically I’m still enrolled in my home university but I was also accepted into university college london as part of the exchange. I’ll only be there for one term but I’m sure it will be a rad experience regardless. I’m guessing you meant good luck, which in that case thank you! haha